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  • Visit from Singapore

    On the 23rd and 24th a big group from Singapore and the Charming Tour group came to the 3rd school to help prettifying the front of the school. They grew some plants, painted the walls and of course put the scao logo on the entrance. Besides helping out with that, they organised such a great […]

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    VoicesofCambodia: Penh

    Happy Saturday to everyone! Here’s one more VoiceOfCambodia. Please Enjoy! This is Hai Penh. He is 11 years old and attends the sixth grade. He lives with his parents and his one sister and two brothers in the Boeung Chhouk Village. His mother is a seller and his father a motodriver. They are both very […]

  • Creating a Personal Profile

    Getting creative with the Pre-Intermediates at SCAO1 The task: Express yourself by creating your own profile. When the students heard about that task they were all super excited. They were bubbling over with ideas. What photo should I use? What colour? What design? It was great to see how much fun they had and how […]

  • Traffic Day

    More than 80% of all the vehicles are motorcycles in Cambodia. Most of the students have their own moto or are at least regularly driving but statistics say that less than 1/4 are wearing a helmet. That this is a big issue here is beyond question. But what else has to be considered when having […]

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    Volunteer Review from Clara

    Hello everybody!! My name is Clara, I am 18 years old, and I am from Germany. I had been teaching for the last 3 months from January until April 2017 at SCAO 1 in Phnom Penh. During my stay, I taught about 2-5 classes per day, and they were all very different in term of […]

  • Happy Khmer New Year!

    Happy Khmer New Year from SCAO! The students had a New Year’s Party at all three schools. The days were well spent with some games, fruits and music. We hope you all had a great Khmer New Year with your beloved ones and we would like to thank you all for your support! Click here to visit our fb page to be always up […]

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    VoicesOfCambodia: Bormey

    Hi, everyone! Today’s post is about Bormey Yin. She is a student at SCAO 1. Enjoy! Bormey is an 18- year- old student in her first year at University. She studies Management at the NUM. Besides studying she attends the two Pre- Intermediate classes every day since three and a half years now. Bormey lives […]

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    Creative project referring to children rights

    What rights do I have? Do I even have special rights? YES, you have! Todays Creative Friday was all about children rights. The Pre- Intermediates at scao1 were all very interested and had much fun designing their own cotton bags inspired by the theme children. We are excited for the upcoming results! Click here to visit […]

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    Football training

    Sunday’s training with the new equipment! This time there were nearly 30 students training together at SCAO1. Everyone was laughing and had so much fun even though the training was really hard and exhausting! Click here to see more pictures on our fb page!

  • home sport donation

    Home Sport Donation

    Homesport sports company kindly donated jerseys and footballs to all the young people at SCAO1 on the 14th of Feb you can see from the photos the delight, excitement and gratitude on everyone’s faces. Thank you Homesport from all at SCAO. The excitement and generosity continues with Homesport also donating jerseys and football’s to SCAO2 and […]

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    Saint Nicolas

    Yesterday was the 6th of december, Saint Nicholas. That’s why we planned to do secret santa with the Pre-Intermediates. That means every student got a name and had to create a selfmade present for the picked one, of course secretly! When the day arrived the students had to guess who the secret santa was. It […]

  • scao alt (4)

    Anna’s Review

    Hey people, last year I’ve been weltwärts-headvolunteer at SCAO II and since August I am back in Germany. I definitely enjoyed my time in Som Roung. My year abroad was a very interesting experience even though we had a lot of ups and downs. However I think I enjoyed all the good things and learned […]

  • scao3

    SCAO3 is opened!!

    The big day finally arrived and SCAO 3 has offically been opened. (Pictures) It was two years in the making, but through the hard work, of Mr Sameth, Andre Struve, Peter Downey, Krystof Chair and all the volunteers the school has now been opened. Fundraising took place all over the world to build this school. We […]

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    Halloween Time

    On the 31st October SCAO1 celebrated a Halloween Party with the students. We started in the morning and did face painting and made paper ghosts with the young ones. After that we had a lot of fun playing different games together. In the afternoon we continued with our Abc Advanced and Beginners. They were all […]

  • lyly voice of cambodia

    VoicesOfCambodia: Lily

    Happy Sunday to everyone! Today you can read one more VoiceOfCambodia! This one is about Lily. Enjoy! Lily is 16 years old and studies in grade 11 at the Russey Keo High school. She has two sisters, one older and one younger. Lily lives in the Boeng Chhuk village, together with her older sister and […]

  • kinderschminken (1)

    Facepainting at SCAO2

    This Creative Friday the kids got transformed into animals. The volunteers at SCAO2 used colours to paint animals on the kid’s faces. The results look awesome! More creative projects you can find here~

  • sila training 13 (2)

    Soccer Training and 2nd Tournament

    On the 13th October the SCAO1 Soccer Team had their first training. At the moment they pay the pitch on their own. Trainer is Sila, a former student from SCAO, who doesn’t attend class regularly anymore, because he got a job in a hotel in the city. He trains them voluntarily as well. Soon we […]

  • 14642714_1131772460236997_1442004321_n


    On our Creative Fridays the volunteers try to do something creative with our young and old students. They come up with ideas to combine English lessons with the student’s own creativity such as drawing pictures, singing songs, making poems and playing games that reflect what the students studied during the week. On Facebook we created an album […]

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    Svenja, RCV 2016

    Soo, here is finally the last of our 4 current German Red Cross Volunteers! Welcome Svenja! ❤ Hi everybody, my name is Svenja and I’m 18 years old. I am from Karlsruhe, a town in the south of Germany. I just finished highschool this year and work at S.C.A.O. 2 for one month now. I […]

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    Shampoo Contribution

    This week the TANN SE MUY CO.LTD visited us. They contacted Mr. Sameth and organized a contribution so they came to SCAO1 to donate shampoo, cookies and water to our students.

  • Inka review

    Inka’s Review

    Hii everyone. My name is Inka, and I am gonna turn 20 years old this November. I was born in Bremen, Germany but moved to a small village when I was 5, so I am a village kid (but I loved Phnom Penh). After finishing high school, I came to volunteer at SCAO1 as one […]

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    Colouring Coconuts On Creative Friday

    Last Friday we did a special activity with our ABC and ABC advanced classes at SCAO2. Before we sprayed gold and blue colour on the inside of the coconuts, the students sand them inside and outside. It took some time but the children were really patient. Finally everyone coloured his or her coconut with glitter-glue. […]

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    Marie, RCV 2016

    Number 3 out of 4!! Here comes Marie, one of our new German Red Cross Volunteers at SCAO2! Welcome My name is Marie and I’m 19 years old. I live at the seaside in the North of Germany in a city called Kiel. After finishing my highschool this year, I took the chance to come […]

  • 16.09.21 panith

    VoicesOfCambodia: Panith

    This is Panith. He is 16 years old and has two brothers. Now he is in grade 11 at the Russey Keo High School. As many other students in Phnom Penh, his family doesn’t live with him in the city but far away in a village. The village is called Chrang Chamras II. His mother […]

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    Update from SCAO3, September

    On Sunday, the 18th September, there was a big event in Prey Ponror village where the third school is scheduled to open next month. In cooperation with the Rotaract Club we hand out mosquito nets to 100 families. And children’s books were given out aswell. Please enjoy all the pictures here!

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    Charlotte, RCV 2016

    Hey My name is Charlotte and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Eckernförde, a small town in the north of Germany. I finished school this year and have travelled to Pnom Penh two weeks ago. ? I will stay for one year, living and teaching at SCAO 1. I heard about SCAO through former volunteers. […]

  • rcv alle vier

    Goodbye GRC-Generation 2015!

    SCAO is a volunteer-based organisation. Every year in August 4 young adults from Germany come to Cambodia to volunteer for SCAO, sent by the German Red Cross. They stay for one year to get deeply involved into the organisational tasks of the NGO. That’s why they are very important to SCAO. They also develop a […]

  • hai ha bild

    Haiha, RCV 2016

    Hey, my name is Hai Ha and I’m 18 years old. I’m from Berlin, Germany and I’m going to work as a volunteer at SCAO for one year. I started August, this month and I’ll also leave in August 2017. I’ve heard of SCAO first when I applied for the German Red Cross. I thougt […]

  • rcv gwen ausflug preinter 6.30

    Gwen’s Review

    Hi there, I’m Gwen. One year ago I arrived in the beautiful country Cambodia after I finished school. I wanted to see different cultures and do something meaningful before I start studying. My first 8 months I spent in Som Roungh and learned a lot about the simple life at the country side. I taught […]

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    Max, Germany

    Hello everybody, my name is Max and I have been teaching at SCAO 1 for two months in June and August. Having only little experiences in teaching at first I was a little bit scared about the prospect to keep classes with young kids entertained for 60 minutes and at the same time teach them things […]

  • fußball (1)

    Soccer Tournament

    Last Saturday, on the 20th August, we had a Soccer Tournament in Boeng Choukk Village. We had (more or less) two SCAO1 Teams playing against a SCAO2 Team. The results: SCAO1.1 – SCAO2: 4-5 SCAO1.2 – SCAO2: 1-11 Thanks for everyone who came down to watch the match and expecially we want to thank our […]

  • bracelet game

    The Bracelet Game

    Recently a new hype caught our SCAO-Kids. We call it the Bracelet Game. All the students got their arms covered by colourful bracelets and play this game to win even more. Have a look at this ABC-Advanced Class at SCAO1 before the lesson starts… and thats what they do after the lesson ends. And maybe […]

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    Cleaning SCAO2 School

    On Saturday morning, 23rd of July all of the SCAO family that could make it on such short notice drove to the village and stayed there until the afternoon brushing and whiping the floors, the walls, the bathrooms, the kitchen and the classrooms. Rann cooked an awesome curry and we all had lots of fun […]

  • lia

    Lia, Ireland

    Hi everyone My name is Lia. I am 21 years old. I come from Cork, Ireland. I’m currently going into my 4th and final year of studies in International Development and Food Policy, at University College Cork. Part of my 3rd year included a 5 month overseas placement, to a developing country. Having previously travelled […]

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    Sports Day

    On the 24th July 2016, SCAO1 had their first ever Sports Day. We rented the pitch behind the school and invited all the children to come and join us for some fun and games. The games included wheelbarrow races, three-legged races, egg and spoon races and many more. Even our volunteers from the second school […]

  • 13770366_10210237113548882_2297825115302317265_n

    Update from SCAO3, July

    Bottom floor of SCAO 3 is 90% complete. Progress is moving very nicely. We are still looking for donations to complete the furnishing of the school. Chairs, tables, fans and teaching materials. If you would like to donate please contact

  • 13579820_1356457211065443_399068985_o

    Green Day

    On the 24 th July 2016, SCAO1 held a Green Day as part of a creative Friday. That meant that every class from 9am until 6:30pm joined in by helping to pick up the rubbish inside and outside the school for one hour. With the younger ABC classes we decided to let them collect rubbish […]

  • 13709853_1161537373867029_335544782890582886_n

    SCAO Art Gallery

    We have really talented students. All their masterpieces are on display in our volunteerhouse at SCAO1. And on facebook of course, so you can enjoy them aswell! 😛

  • SCAO Shell Painting

    Shell-Painting with the kids

    The last Creative Friday (24th June) the ABC classes at SCAO 2 painted shells that a volunteer brought from Vietnam and Bali. It was a lot of fun but afterwards it was hard to tell which one was more covered in paint, the shells, the tables or the floor. However after cleaning up the result […]

  • Hands on Journey (4)

    Visit from “Hands On Journeys”

    On the 20th of June we got visited by a group from “Hands On Journeys” again. Around two times a year a group of motivated volunteers travel to our school in the village to stay with our teacher’s families for a weekend and sponsor a project. This year they helped to give away water filters […]

  • scao3 3

    Update from SCAO3, June

    Progress of the SCAO 3rd school is moving very well. We nearly finished the ground floor and tiling has begun. Keep track of our progress through our Facebook page. There you can find some more pictures! And if you would like to donate please contact

  • Spelling Bee Finished

    Spelling Bee Competition

    A pre-intermediate English class took part in a spelling bee competition last week. Twelve students participated in the competition. There were 3 rounds, the first round was 6 groups of two picked at random. The winner from each group progressed to round two, which was then three groups of two and the final round where […]

  • Irish Class at SCAO pic

    Irish Class

    This month at SCAO, our volunteer Lucy Butler from Ireland decided to start an Irish class, there are 12 students in this class. It takes place once a week, on Tuesday evenings. In this class the student will learn basic phrases, numbers, colours, months, and some more topics. Also in this class they will learn some […]

  • 13517716_997961453572214_1759947428_o

    Case Study – Srey Leak and Srey Jane

    Srey Leak and Srey Jane are both students and teachers at SCAO. Srey Leak is Mr. Sameth’s (Founder) daughter and Srey Jane and her sister Lakana have moved to Khan Russey to live with Mr. Sameth and his family so that they can get a better education. Both girls have been involved with SCAO for […]

  • clothing give away

    Clothing Giveaway

    We had a Clothing Giveaway at SCAO2 on the 11th May!  We always collect old clothes that we don’t need anymore and from time to time, when there are enough clothes collected, we donate them to the villagers of Som Rhoung. Our volunteer Gwen was helping, please enjoy her review! The girls are giggling and chattering while they […]

  • 13340813_1048206848599698_458226742_o

    Our new cook Rann

    Good afternoon everyone, please meet Rann, our new cook at SCAO2! Rann is a 58 years old lady who used to live at Russey Keo, the district where SCAO was founded. There, she had a small restaurant of her own, where she sold food and had a café in front of her house. Her 5 […]

  • Lucy makeup

    Make-Up-Evening with Lucy

    One of our Irish volunteers Lucy worked in a beautyshop back in Ireland. One Sunday evening she invited the kids to come around to do each other’s make up. We also served some vanilla pudding and fresh fruits Enjoy some pictures!

  • 13166008_10209624789521164_2846336217628472059_n

    Update from SCAO3, May

    Another month and another month of progress in the construction of SCAO III. The ground floor of the school is now almost fully complete. We have installed water and electricity to the building. for more information, check out You can find some more pictures about the progress here and here.

  • cooking

    Cooking at SCAO1

    During the past few months it became a tradition to cook together at the rooftop of our volunteerhouse. We already cooked german, japanese and of course khmer food. Njam! Check out more pictures!

  • 13103450_1109718322382268_3237991998078295014_n

    Dancing Class

    Remember our Dancing Class at SCAO2? Here is a video to give a short impression about what they learned, recorded by Gwen, the teacher of this class. Enjoy!

  • instagram


    We can happily announce that we are on Instagram! Did you ever want to see the school out of a volunteer’s eyes? Did you crave for news, but don’t want to read long articles to know whats going on at the schools? Or are you a former volunteer wanting to walk down memory lane? Then […]

  • 12990900_1007566795945234_7995742282218060593_n

    Trip to Oudong Mountain

    On Saturday, the 9th of April, the evening classes from SCAO2 made a trip to the Oudong Mountain in the Kampong Speu Province. It was organized by Oudom and Vibol, two of our Khmer teacher at SCAO2. We drove there in one Van to have a big lunch together and a sightseeing tour threw the […]

  • monks

    Case Study – Samuth and Yem Pov

    Samuth and Yem Pov are Cambodian Buddhist monks from the village of Som Roung. They are 17 and 18 years old and they come to SCAO Monday to Friday for two classes a day, studying English and sometimes maths. They have been part of the monkhood for 5 years now and they live in the […]

  • construction

    Progress of SCAO3

    Construction of SCAO III has been making great progress in the past weeks. See new pictures! We are progressing at a rate much faster than we expected, and all the staff and volunteers are very excited for this huge upcoming school. In the coming weeks we will start campaigns in the surrounding villages to make the […]

  • daro_2

    Case Study – Daro

    This is Chhem Daro. He is 22 years old. He grew up in a little village called Som Roung, just 20km outside of the capital, Phnom Penh, in Cambodia. Daro has one brother and three sisters. Daro first learnt to speak English at a Khmer house as well as at high school. It was the […]

  • sreychan

    Case Study – Srey Chan

    Srey Chan is 15 years old. She has been attending SCAO I for the past seven years. She originally started out just learning English but as the school grew it gave her the opportunity to complete computer classes and she also joined in, in Japanese classes when a volunteer who was visiting from Japan decided […]

  • 1457511_1098572276830206_451847139024014445_n

    Happy Khmer New Year at SCAO1!

    The holiday for our kids startet already last Monday. Next week SCAO will close aswell, because on the 13th,14th and 15th of April everyone is celebrating Khmer New Year. Most of our students go therefore to the countryside to spend these happy days with their families. The volunteers and the students who were still there […]

  • dina

    Case Study – Dina

    Dina is 13 years old and she has been attending SCAO II school in Som Roung for the past 4 years. Dina began attending SCAO when she was 9 years old because she wanted to learn English. She is a very bright and attentive student in school, and she enjoys SCAO because she gets to […]

  • 12472420_1094623860558381_7176788082676146623_n

    Cooking at SCAO1

    During the past few months it became a tradition to cook together at the rooftop of our volunteerhouse. We already cooked german, japanese and of course khmer food. Njam! See more pictures!

  • 12919864_1089911221029645_4956760919273627638_n

    Learning Toys for Preschool Students

    Play is a way for children to learn. Children develop through playing games, such as fine motor activities, cognitive games, creative expression, etc. Cildren practice their activities, deveop mastery and learn from their experiences, concepts such as: following rules, patience, cooperation and logical thinking. Our Volunteers created several games that help young children to play, […]

  • ceiling-construction3

    Ceiling construction

    Good progress on our construction site of the S.C.A.O. School III (ECC). Next steps are ceiling, electric and water installation.

  • waterday

    World Water Day 2016

    SCAO to date has implemented over 800 water filters into rural homes in Cambodia, directly benefiting over 4,000 people. Here are some facts to SHARE with others on this day: – 1.5 billion people work in water related sectors – Women walk for water every day. Not paid, not recognised. – Decent jobs are part […]

  • 1173781_1080559258631508_1690102826573346801_n

    Reading Day at SCAO2

    The tension in the children’s faces is impossible to miss. “Which letter…belongs to” short dramatical pause…”cat??” i shout. The children shout out of joy and after some seconds they all stand at the letter C. Silence. Suddently a rain of sweets bursts in the air. Laughing and shouting the children catch as many as possible […]

  • music2

    Music starts

    A girl quickly cleans up the floor and throws the chairs on the tables before they all start to run in a circle. It is dancing lesson again. As every day at 14 o’ clock in S.C.A.O. II. After a quick warming up there follows some trainig and stretching. That is the point when suddendly […]

  • readingday

    Reading Day at SCAO

    At the 11th of March we celebrated the Reading Day at SCAO. We organised seperated events for our classes in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Main goal of the event was the preparation and the opening ceremony of our new library. It is placed in the groundfloor of our volunteerhouse, where […]

  • 12806058_1075296192491148_4814288510017533251_n

    International Women’s Day

    Dear everyone, today is International Women’s Day. In Cambodia all the schools close on this date. Our students told us that it is typical for the cambodian husband to make his wife (really) happy on this day. He cleans the house, cooks the food, washes the clothes, and they go somewhere to eat food together. […]

  • wall

    Creative Friday

    This Creative Friday was really creative. At SCAO1 every class was part of our big wall-project. We spent the whole day painting the wall. Not even the dark could stop us. The result is amazing. Really big thank you to Nadin and her brother for this great idea and for sponsoring the colours and paintbrushes. […]

  • eye1

    Eye Tests and Seeing Glasses Distribution

    On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of February a team of volunteers from our partner organisation KiK came from Germany to provide eye tests and reading glasses to the people living in the communities of the 3 schools. The project was a great success dozens of seeing glasses were provided to people to regain their […]

  • valentine

    Valentinesday at SCAO I

    Three times the week we have conversation class, where we just talk with our students about this and that. Last Sunday we met to cook German food together. Next week they will show us how to cook some Khmer dishes and one week later our volunteer Masami is going to show us the Japanese kitchen. […]

  • vertrag


    SCAO are proud to announce that the Construction of SCAO Education and Community Centre will begin THIS THURSDAY! After many months of hard work and planning, the first phase of the construction will start! We would like to thank all our partner organisations for the help so far and into the future. The SCOOP Foundation […]

  • christmas_school_2-704x318

    Christmas at SCAO II

    On Friday 25th December the teachers of SCAO2 organised a Christmas party for the students. We prepared the big classroom downstairs. The tables were outside and we had some speakers for music, balloons and decorations. A lot of children started to play in front of the school at half past one to be the first […]

  • christmas_school_1-704x318

    Christmas at SCAO I

    The SCAO1 school arranged on Thursday 24th December a Christmas party for the students. The teachers had built a Christmas tree with hundreds of empty red painted water bottles, the tables were moved out the biggest classroom to have space to play the games and there were speakers for the music. At three o´clock the […]

  • IMG_1566_small

    Ouk Thol’s family toilet

    Ouk Thol, his wife and their 3 children were provided a toilet thanks to Hands on Journeys visit to SCAO II The poverty of the family is such that the oldest daughter had to drop out of school. With the father unemployed, their only steady income comes from the snacks and fruits the mother sells. […]

  • lat-704x318

    Srey Lat’s wedding

    After having planned it for several months, Srey Lat who has been living and working at SCAO since 2008 now and Rithy, her betrothed, married in a 2-day celebration on February 14, and the following day. The first day, on Valentine’s Day, when they for instance went to Pagoda to offer rice to the monks […]

  • waterfilter-704x318

    Water Filter Project

    The village of Prey Ponror located 25 kilometres northwest of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. There are 16 villages in close proximity to Prey Ponror Village, and all of these are within cycling distance to the location of the new SCAO Education and Community Centre (SCAO III). The majority of the households in Prey […]

  • green-class-704x318

    We Must All Care For Nature

    A group of volunteers taught about the risks involved when people do not take care of nature. The following explains how the day went. During breakfast on the morning of Friday the 13th of February all volunteers at SCAO II discussed the upcoming green classes and their hopes and fears relating to the success of […]

  • circus-704x318

    Circus Project

    From the 1st to the 6th of September, S.C.A.O II had hosted and co-organised a 6 days Circus workshop, provided and ran by the Circòsmic Company, a group of jugglers, clowns, acrobats and trapeze artists from Barcelona, Spain. The company is not new from working with children in developing contexts. They have been travelling quite […]

  • far-704x318

    Far Far Away Project

    Lions, aliens, a spider-man chicken and a dinosaur are only some of the characters who our students from S.C.A.O. II made up during the Far Far Away Project workshops setted up in Som Roung village from the 6th to the 10th of October. The project is run by Abhi and Justyina, a couple who is […]

  • dental-704x318

    Oral hygiene project

    On the 29th of July the volunteers at S.C.A.O. II presented during lessons hours the “Oral Hygiene Project”, which also included teeth cleaning workshops. The Oral Hygiene Project was presented in each class at S.C.A.O. II. During the day we had the presentation “how to brush our teeth” and discussed why do we need teeth, […]

  • nets

    Distribution of material

    Continuing on from a distribution project started back in Spring 2013, S.C.A.O. has adapted its distribution of materials to the poorest families in Som Roung Village. The project started off by distributing rice and fish sauce to families. Now we have had more donations of various different materials from all over the world. Fifty of […]

  • fussball-704x318

    S.C.A.O. II football team

    Kids all over the world love football. But especially here in Cambodia, a country where people still live in extremely poor conditions and which is still feeling the effects of years of repression and civil war, practicing a sport might be more than a simple hobby or break from the daily routine. Som Roung is […]

  • growth-1024x575


    On Sunday the 6th of April we invited 50 of the villages poorest families to the school.Rice field in Som RoungHere we distributed 7kg of rice and a large bottle of fish sauce to each family, as well as clothing that had been donated by various donors and volunteers. Distributing the clothes was an energetic, […]

  • vibol1

    Interview with Vibol

    What do you see as the biggest benefit of attending classes here for yourself and others? The first thing that by teaching here I get more experience at teaching English and with speaking English with all the volunteers that come through. It improves my heart and English to work with so many people. Sometimes in […]

  • Kathy-704x318

    Teacher training with Kathy

    In the end of June SCAO II hosted an Irish volunteer Kathy, a teacher with 9 years experience, who was very kind to provide two teacher’s training in both schools. As for new volunteers, as for Khmer assistants, fresh breath of new and slightly different vision of education was very productive and useful. At the […]

  • cia_4306-704x318

    CIA Students at SCAO II

    CIA FIRST International School in Phnom Penh has been a close friend with SCAO for the past few years. This is all through the work of Andre Struve, the Director of CIA FIRST International School. Andre was also one of the first volunteers at SCAO over five years ago. Through this connection there has been […]

  • glasses-1

    Free Glasses at SCAO

    On the 29th and 31st of May the company “Lach Bunn Ann Optics” came out to SCAO I in Boeng Chhouk to offer free eye checks to all of SCAO’s students and the older people from the community. Over two days they checked the eyes of nearly all 250 SCAO students and also the eyesight of […]

  • daro-704x318

    Interview with teacher Daro

    Teacher Daro is 18 years old and is an assistant teacher at SCAO School II in Som Roung village in Cambodia. He lives at home with 9 other family members; his house is located close to the school. He has been attending classes at the school since they began. What is the main occupation in […]

  • tablet-704x318

    Tablet Classes

    Thanks to a generous donor who donated 14 tablets and the installation of Wi-Fi in both SCAO I and SCAO II we were able to set up a Tablet Class in both schools. This is a great opportunity for both teachers and students to increase their knowledge about new media devices and the internet. There […]

  • rice4

    Rice and Clothes Distribution

    On Sunday the 6th of April we invited 50 of the villages poorest families to the school. Here we distributed 7kg of rice and a large bottle of fish sauce to each family, as well as clothing that had been donated by various donors and volunteers. With Khmer New Year just around the corner, it […]

  • hair-704x318

    2nd Hairdressing Class Exam

    The second Hairdressing classes started on the 8th of August, 2013 with 25 students. The number of students attending the class fell a little because of other commitments that the students had. These commitments included working the family farm and working to help generate more income for the family household. A small drop in the […]

  • piset

    Interview with Piseth

    What is your name and how old are you? My name is Piseth and I am twelve years old. Why are you studying at SCAO? Because SCAO is a good school and when we study we don’t need to pay money. How did you find out about SCAO? My friend, Kim Long, told me about […]

  • dental

    Dental care with CWF

    The NGO “Cambodia World Family” (CWF) is based in Phnom Penh and offers free dental care to children in need. The dentists working at CWF are volunteers from all over the world and Cambodians. SCAO has teamed up with them and now gives students the chance to visit the dentist for free. Once every week […]

  • preeschool_0049-704x318


    We’ve been having great success with our pre-school class; we have more children attending with a full class of 30 every morning. Not only that, classroom behaviour has improved immensely; the children sit down of their own accord, they’ve learned how to share and realize there are enough toys and games for everyone. They’ve also […]

  • conversation

    Conversation Class

    Three weeks ago we have added a conversation class, which has shown to be a great success at the New School, to the schedule of the Old School/ Center. Due to the busy schedule of most of our students and our volunteers it wasn’t easy to find a time that suits everyone, however we’ve now […]

  • preeschul2-3

    Pre-school Class at S.C.A.O II

    On the 28th of October 2013 our new preschool class started in the new school of SCAO. The Class takes place from Monday until Friday from 11-12 clock in the morning. The new project especially is for young kids at the age of 3-6, who are not joining the public school yet. Besides the English […]

  • land-704x318

    New Education and Community Centre

    The “Save poor Children in Asia Organization” (Cambodia) plans the new construction of an Education and Community Centre in Prey Ponror, a village located 25km north west of the capital Phnom Penh. During this project, S.C.A.O. will be supported by its partner organisations “Kinderhilfe in Kambodscha e.V.” (Germany), “GECKO Kinderhilfe Südostasien e.V.” (Germany), “Estrellas de […]

  • clothes_1050-704x318

    Community Clothes

    Clothes Initiative at the Centre – Volunteers come – volunteers go. Many times they leave clothes behind them at the Centre. Sometimes the kids from the Centre can use them, but often the adult clothes don’t fit or the kids are not necessarily in need of them. From time to time also the kids have clothes left. Now we want to […]

  • teacher-training

    Teachers Training

    Education plays a vital role in providing opportunities to students to acquire knowledge and understanding and to develop social and vocational skills. At SCAO we aim to provide an education that creates independent, creative and confident thinkers who are capable of engaging with their community and the wider world. In order for us to achieve […]

  • computer-graduation-704x318

    Computer Exams Finished!

    In September, most of our Computer Class students at the Centre and the old school successfully finished their final Exams for the Advanced Computer Lessons and got their certificates. The remaining students and certificates will be finished soon. They now have advanced knowledge in how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The boys and […]

  • channa

    Interview with Channa

    Hello Channa. How old are you and how long have you been studying at SCAO? Hello. I’m 21 years old and I’ve been studying at the SCAO School for two years now. How did you find out about SCAO? I found out about the Save Children in Asia Organization through my friend Heang. What do […]