Health Care

Eye Checks
SCAO partners with German Organisations and volunteers, as well as local opticians who are professionally trained to carry out eye sight examinations on community members. People of all ages are welcome to come to the pop up eye sight tests. Here examinations are carried out and if necessary, reading glasses are provided. If there are cases where prescription glasses are needed, these are sent to Phnom Penh to be made and fitted. In more extreme cases when cataracts is present in patients, they are referred to a specialised clinic for surgery, free of charge to the patient. SCAO will provide community members with transport and food for the day that they are in surgery.

Dentist Visits
SCAO has had a running partnership with Cambodia World Family for many years now. SCAO students in groups attend the Cambodia World Family’s Clinic in Phnom Penh for free dental checkups, and treatment, if necessary. This is an ongoing project with SCAO, as the students are constantly growing up. SCAO combine this with dental hygiene classes and making students aware of the damage that sugary drinks and foods can do to their teeth and their health.

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