Volunteer Reviews

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    Nele, Germany

    Volunteer Review from Nele, please enjoy! Hi! My name is Nele, I’m 19 years old and I live in Germany. From April till May 2017 I spent six weeks living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia while teaching at SCAO I. I had a great time helping the students at SCAO I improve their English. I taught […]

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    Volunteer Review from Clara

    Hello everybody!! My name is Clara, I am 18 years old, and I am from Germany. I had been teaching for the last 3 months from January until April 2017 at SCAO 1 in Phnom Penh. During my stay, I taught about 2-5 classes per day, and they were all very different in term of […]

  • mitchell

    Mitchell, Canada

    After a very long time we are very happy to present you one more volunteer from SCAO. Please enjoy reading Mitchell’s experiences! Hi my name is Mitchell Convery I’m 23 years old from Toronto Canada. This is my story of how i got involved with the SCAO and also my experience there. So I had […]

  • Inka review

    Inka’s Review

    Hii everyone. My name is Inka, and I am gonna turn 20 years old this November. I was born in Bremen, Germany but moved to a small village when I was 5, so I am a village kid (but I loved Phnom Penh). After finishing high school, I came to volunteer at SCAO1 as one […]

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    Gwen’s Review

    Hi there, I’m Gwen. One year ago I arrived in the beautiful country Cambodia after I finished school. I wanted to see different cultures and do something meaningful before I start studying. My first 8 months I spent in Som Roungh and learned a lot about the simple life at the country side. I taught […]

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    Max, Germany

    Hello everybody, my name is Max and I have been teaching at SCAO 1 for two months in June and August. Having only little experiences in teaching at first I was a little bit scared about the prospect to keep classes with young kids entertained for 60 minutes and at the same time teach them things […]

  • lia

    Lia, Ireland

    Hi everyone My name is Lia. I am 21 years old. I come from Cork, Ireland. I’m currently going into my 4th and final year of studies in International Development and Food Policy, at University College Cork. Part of my 3rd year included a 5 month overseas placement, to a developing country. Having previously travelled […]

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    Leanne, Ireland

      Hi everyone ? My name is Leanne and I’m from Cork in Ireland. I’m 21 years old and I’m in 3rd year of college studying International development and food policy. As part of our course, we are required to go on a 5 month internship and so that is why I am here in […]

  • micha

    Micha, Germany

    Hello everyone, My name is Micha and I am from Münster in Germany. I am 18 years old and last year I finished my Highschool. In that summer, Krystof told me about SCAO. I was really interested in living in another country, seeing a new culture and working with children So I came to Cambodia […]

  • luka review

    Luka, Germany

    Hey! My name is Luka, I’m 20 years old and I’m from a small town in the south of Germany. I finished highschool last year and decided to take a gap year. I wanted to experience new things, see different countries and find out what I want to become. As I wanted to go to […]