Inka’s Review

Hii everyone.

My name is Inka, and I am gonna turn 20 years old this November. I was born in Bremen, Germany but moved to a small village when I was 5, so I am a village kid (but I loved Phnom Penh). After finishing high school, I came to volunteer at SCAO1 as one of the four German Red Cross volunteers in August last year. I left Cambodia this August after living there for more than one year.

I was a teacher, volunteer and house mama, and I am still doing the Social Media part for SCAO. During my year I taught all levels from ABC Beginner to Intermediate, but my own classes that I taught for 1 year were ABC Advanced (PandaPower!) and Elementary (MonkeyWeirdos). I love all of my students I ever taught. I learned that there is nothing more beautiful than a kid showing you its love. Nothing is so true and honest. Working at SCAO showed me that I really love to work with kids, young and old. I never knew that before, I came to Cambodia because I wanted to live in Asia for one year. I am so lucky that I fit into this NGO so well and I am so grateful I got accepted and the opportunity to become part of the SCAO family, to get to know all my amazing students and lovely friends. I think there is no way you can experience Khmer life just by travelling. You have to live there, together with the people. And that’s what SCAO makes possible. You learn from and with the people about their culture, while you can give them something back, for all the experiences and love that they give to you. You don’t just take and take. You give as well. The small bit knowledge that you can pass on. It’s a give and take, with respect and gratefulness from both sides. You can be a friend when they need it, and you can stay in contact and be there for them, when they need you. And the other way around. The family doesn’t forget you, just because you’re not there any more. And you won’t forget the family either.

I can just recommend everyone to come to SCAO to volunteer. Even though sometimes it is a hard job, you grow from those experiences and in the end it will be DEFO worth it. If you’re just open minded and honestly willing to learn.

Cambodia has been the best year of my life, and I am going to come back soon.

I know I look like a fool on this picture, but we all do and  I was sooo happy.
Thanks, everyone! ♥