Colouring Coconuts On Creative Friday

Last Friday we did a special activity with our ABC and ABC advanced classes at SCAO2. Before we sprayed gold and blue colour on the inside of the coconuts, the students sand them inside and outside. It took some time but the children were really patient. Finally everyone coloured his or her coconut with glitter-glue. The kids came up with so many great ideas as you can see on the pictures.

After sitting a long time in the classroom, the students needed some action, so we organized a german game called ‘paperchase’ for them. We drew arrows on the ground around the village which showed our students the way. In the end they had to search for a box with candy. After an exhausting run through the village everybody was really happy about the refreshment.

Both for the volunteers and for our students it was a really nice day and we are already looking forward to the next Creative Friday.