Outreach Programs

S.C.A.O. has several outreach programmes. Firstly we provided basic foodstuffs (bags of rice, fish sauce and cooking oil) to elderly residents in the community, as well as to the most vulnerable families. The recipients are invited to one of our schools where they collect their packages and we also arrange a small information session. This information session informs the residents of the work S.C.A.O. does in the community. Additionally it extolls the long-term benefits that a quality education can bring to their children, and further encourages them to ensure that their children attend one of our schools.

Secondly we also organise awareness workshops for the community in our schools. These workshops are based on the biggest threats to residents’ well-being. The sessions not only draw awareness to the problem, but they also provide residents with important information enabling them to protect themselves and/or help improve their communities. Some upcoming topics for our awareness talks include: road safety, human trafficking, tuberculosis (TB) prevention and treatment, recycling and environmental care, and health and hygiene. In order to facilitate these talks S.C.A.O. partners with NGOs and civil society groups who specialise in these topics. These groups then visit our schools and run the workshops with members of the community.

Lastly, when employing staff S.C.A.O. searches within the communities where we work. We help provide employment for young social conscious residents who want to help aid the social and economic development of their communities, while also earning a wage which helps put them through university or further provide for their families.

To find out more information about our outreach programmes or to get involved feel free to send us an email.

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