• volunteerThe Save poor Children in Asia Organization is an organization that is entirely based on volunteers. While we employ a small staff (cooks, teacher’s assistants, house keeper), the main part of the English program is in the hand of volunteers.

    That’s why we are always looking for committed long-term volunteers, who stay for 4 weeks or more. The longer you stay, the more you learn about Cambodian culture which will allow the students to learn more from you.

    If you are interested in volunteering there are three options for you:

  • How to apply


    If you interested, please apply by sending you CV, background check, a short motivation statement, level of English and your desired length of stay to: volunteer@savepoorchildreninasia.org


  • Prices

    The prices for staying with us are as follows.
    Your accommodation costs include a bed with bed linen, the utilities (water, electricity, gas) and the use of bicycles. The remainder is used as a donation to help with the day to day running costs of the organization.

  • 0 to 2 weeks $ 75 a week
    2 to 4 weeks $ 60 a week
    4 to 12 weeks $ 50 a week
    + 12 weeks $ 40 a week

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Cambodian Visa

    If want to stay in Cambodia you will need to purchase a Cambodian Visa. You can easily buy any Visa at Phnom Penh airport and at any land border crossing. There are two important types of Visa:

    • The Tourist Visa (30 $) will enable you to stay in Cambodia for one month but is a single entry visa. You can only extend it for one more month (another 40 to 45 $). After extending it you will need to make a Visa Run to Thailand or Vietnam
    • The Business Visa (35$) will enable you to stay in Cambodia for one month. Its a multiple entry Visa and you can extend it for as long as you want and will not have to leave the country.

    All Visas can be extended at most travel agencies in Cambodia. It usually takes about 5 days to process. If you know you will only stay in Cambodia for one month, a Tourist Visa is obviously fine, but if you are not 100% sure how long you will want to stay, always get a Business Visa.

    Where could I stay while volunteering?
    • In S.C.A.O. School 1, Volunteers House, Russey Keo District (~7km from Phnom Penh)
    • In S.C.A.O. School 2, Som Roung Village (~17km from Phnom Penh)
    • If you decide to come and join the team, one of the head volunteers will decide where you will be staying, because it depends on the volunteer situation.
    • Renting an apartment in Phnom Penh.
    • In one of the many guest houses/hostels in Phnom Penh.
    If I stay in one of the schools, what will be included in my accommodation costs?
    • S.C.A.O. School 1: Accomodation in the volunteer house. There’s one room for the female (4 beds) and one for the male (2 beds) volunteers, they are equipped with fans. Both rooms have a small Western style bathroom ensuite (cold water only). You’ll live with Lion (Khmer teacher at SCAO I and former SCAO centre kid) and all the volunteers, and buy, prepare and cook your own food.
    • S.C.A.O. School 2: bed, fan, shared room, bathroom with “Western toilet” and cold shower, mostly shared with 1 other volunteer; you live with other volunteers and a small family, who take care of the school.
    • 2 meals per day (only at SCAO II)
    • The accommodation costs cover your water, electricity usage and WIFI and the rest goes on the running costs of the organisation. E.g. copy books, pens and other teaching materials.
    Will somebody pick me up at the airport?

    Please arrange this with our Volunteer Managers.

    What will be my job as a volunteer?
    • Teaching English to children and young adults of different levels.
    • It’s your job to prepare your lessons and the progress of the students is your responsibility.
    • We will provide you with a teaching guide where you can find many ideas and you should use the curriculum as a basis of your lessons. All of our classes (except ABC) use books.
    • Partner teaching with other volunteers.
    • Taking students on one-to-one basis for extra lessons or reading.
    • Teaching different computer skills like Power Point, Word and Excel in one of our computer classes.
    • You are free to start own projects and help to manage everything within the organisation once approved by a long term volunteer or officer.
    • Organisation of the school, classrooms and library.
    What do I need to bring with me?
    • Towels.
    • Personal first-aid kit.
    • Sun Cream.
    • Airy long shirts and trousers for the evening.
    • Appropriate clothes for teaching that cover your shoulders and knees.

    (All bedding and mosquito nets are provided!)

    What currency is used in Cambodia?

    There are two currencies in use in Cambodia, American Dollars and Cambodian Riel. Dollars are used for most transactions and Riel tends to be used as change. Riel cannot be acquired outside of Cambodia but this should not cause an issue. $1 = 4000 Riel

    Bring some American Dollars with you when travelling, especially because the Visa on Arrival has to be paid with US $, but there are numerous ATM machines around Phnom Penh.

    We would suggest to use the Canadia Bank ATMs as the transaction fee is the lowest with them.

    Which kinds of vaccinations are recommended?

    Always consult with your doctor on vaccinations and malaria tablets!

    • Hepatitis A+B.
    • Tetanus.
    • Japanese Encyphilates.
    • Typhus.
    • Rabies .
    • Cholera.
    When is the best time to arrive at the school?

    On arrival you will first go to the volunteer house or SCAO II, depending on where you’ll stay, where you will meet Mr. Sameth or one of the long-term volunteers.

    Monday mornings are the best time to arrive because it fits best with the organisations schedule.

    If your flight arrives at the weekend, you can spend a day or two in one of the many guesthouses/hostels in Phnom Penh.

    Advanced bookings can be made online.

    Please call Mr. Sameth or the Volunteer Coordinator before you plan on coming to the Centre.

    What does a normal weekend look like?

    Most of the volunteers spend their weekend from Friday (after they have finished class) until Monday morning in Phnom Penh; usually volunteers stay in the same guesthouse, but this varies from time to time. Life is very quiet at the weekends in Som Roung village (New School/SCAOII) but you are welcome to stay out in the village.

    Classes at the Old School/SCAO I start earlier than those at the New School/SCAOII so volunteers usually go back there on Sunday evening.

    It is ultimately your choice where you want to stay at the weekend.

    Many volunteers use the weekends to explore Cambodia, visiting the temples of Angkor Wat, going to the beach or any of the other wonders Cambodia has.

    It takes nearly one hour by “romo” (big tuk tuk) from the New School to Phnom Penh (2000 riel) and about 20-30 minutes from the Old School/Centre to Phnom Penh (800 riel).

    Alternatively you can travel by moto or tuk tuk but these are quicker but more expensive.

    What are the average costs for long-term volunteers (more than 3 months) per month (weekdays and weekend)?

    Weekdays: accommodation at the school (price depends on how long you stay, see pricelist) and about 2-3$ extra per day (extra food/drink, washing powder, mobile phone credit, internet credit etc.) =about 50$ extra per month + 5x accommodation per day x 4 weeks per month.

    Since there are no meals provided at SCAO I/the volunteer house, you can either pay 10 $ a week and buy and cook food (and also water and gas) together with the other volunteers or you can choose to cook by yourself.

    Weekend: Accommodation at the guesthouse ($5 per night) + about $15 food per day + entertainment + personal expenses (shopping, sightseeing, etc.) = minimum $228 approximately per month.

    What you spend on the weekend is entirely up to yourself and the amounts stated above are only guidelines.

    Where can I buy a Cambodian SIM-card/phone and which company do you recommend?

    You can easily buy a SIM-card when you arrive just outside the airport or you can wait until you are in Phnom Penh. There are numerous shops around that sell both SIM cards and phones, they can be seen all over the city.

    We recommend “Smart” because almost every volunteer uses this network, you can get 3g, and it’s cheap with regular bonus top promotions. Phone and internet coverage are very good and reliable at both of our schools.

    Do I have to bring my own laptop with me if I want to use a computer?

    If you need a laptop for a day or two, you can ask the long term volunteers to borrow one from the Computer classes. It’s your choice and even when you’re here for a long time it can be more convenient and comfortable to have your own laptop (for watching movies, TV series, putting together lesson, music etc.).

  • Download our Volunteer Guide

    If you are looking for more detailed information and on what kind of task you would have as a volunteer, please have a look at our Volunteer Guide or send an email to: volunteer@savepoorchildreninasia.org

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