Advocacy Walk

  • Our Aims

    advocacy2The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the difficulties that people face economically and socially in Som Roung village. The situation is unfortunately one that is widespread in Cambodia particularly in rural areas. The advocacy walk looks to generate great interest and knowledge for people visiting or living in Cambodia.

    The advocacy walk also creates an opportunity for students from our school to gain a foot hold in the tourism industry, which is a rapidly growing industry in Cambodia. By taking part in the walk, it helps to develop the experience of your guide allowing them the opportunity to gain experience and hone their skills.

    With what is left after our costs from this initiative will go towards helping to make our project more self-sufficient and to create better financial stability in Save poor Children in Asia Organization. While also helping diversify SCAO’s income generation which enables us to continue working with disadvantaged people.

    What Happens During an Advocacy Walk

    advocacy1You are picked up by the SCAO Tuk Tuk and brought to Som Roung village which is about a 40 minute drive outside of Phnom Penh, on National Road No. 5
    You will arrive at the school, where you will get an introduction to our work and meet your guide for the walk, followed by a tour of the

    The walk will then begin following the route on the map. It includes visiting the Pagoda, garment business, the surrounding rice fields,some local businesses and a rice wine building and the facilities that we have.

    Along the walk your guide will fill you in on everything you see, as the children of the local community shout and wave hello! Often asking how are you and where you are going!

    There is a stop in the local coffee shop also for a break from the sun and a chance to try a Khmer iced coffee. Then your guide will bring you back through the middle of Som Roung village.

    The advocacy walk finished with a traditional Khmer lunch at the school and then our Tuk Tuk will bring you back to Phnom Penh City.

  • Pricing List

    1 person costs $40
    2 people costs $70 ($35 each)
    3 people costs $100 ($33 each)
    4 people costs $120 ($30 each)

    Booking Information

    When booking please say which hostel/hotel or guesthouse you are staying at in Phnom Penh, for the tuk tuk pick up. Please remember to dress modestly while taking part in the walk, covering your knees and shoulders. It is imperative that everyone respects the community that we are working alongside.

    Phone: 0967364338

Meet Your Guide: Oudom

  • oudomI started attending classes at SCAO because I wanted to improve my ability to speak and writing English. I was really helped me to gain much greater level of knowledge in English. It enables me to help my community and also help some of the disadvantaged children. Like studying at SCAO has helped me, I want to be involved in it and help bringing to the younger children. It also helps me to interact with people from so many different cultures and learn from that also. I feel extremely happy because I have the opportunity to share his knowledge that I have gained to all students attending our computer class and English classes.

    What is it that you enjoy being a guide for the advocacy walk?
    I want to become a good guide and this is a great opportunity for me to get some experience in this area. I think that to become a good guide you need to people the Khmer culture and traditions. Giving people the chance to see how Cambodians live and the work that SCAO is doing with the community here. Being a guide is so important to me because we want visitors to come out to the village and have a much greater knowledge of life in rural Cambodia. So that people on the advocacy walk really experience our culture and traditions. Creating much more awareness about the difficulties many rural families face but also the strong spirits of Khmer people, it is great to be helping to spread this across the world. It is a great opportunity like I said to share my knowledge of Khmer culture, but also it’s a huge opportunity for me and others to learn about other cultures.

  • Can you tell us a little about yourself?
    For me, I hope that I can help my community and great better opportunities for people here. Sharing what I know to people from all across the world, the advocacy walk makes this possible. My family always supports me through my study, especially my brother he is always helping me. The walk helps to advance me professionally and personally as well as helping the community that I love! It is helping me in a number of different ways, its helps with the money I need for my studies and if there is a little to spare it helps with everyday costs. My family are hoping that in the future I will have a good job, so I can then help them back for always supporting me. It is a very unique opportunity that I am delighted to have! And final my family always understand how I feel and they know what an opportunity this is for me to grow. I love my family!