Gwen’s Review

Hi there, I’m Gwen.
One year ago I arrived in the beautiful country Cambodia after I finished school. I wanted to see different cultures and do something meaningful before I start studying. My first 8 months I spent in Som Roungh and learned a lot about the simple life at the country side. I taught the small, wild kids and helped the teachers with their farming work from time to time, I had better and better chats with the coffeshop owners and started to understand how people can think completely differently and that this difference isn’t any worse or better to the way I learned to think. Its just different. After 8 months I changed to the first school in Boeng Choukk Village. There I got to know the Cambodian youth a lot better. I still taught small kids, but also teenagers and nearly-adults. It was fun talking to them and finding out more about the people who will build the future Cambodia. Moreover it was nice to be close to the city as the urban lifestyle suits me much better.
But now after 12 months I had to leave and go back to Germany. I already miss all the nice people and the life that bursted out of every corner. I miss the kids, the streetfood, the sun and even the noise that filled the streets no matter where you went. It is unbelievable how much you can learn in one year and how much such an experience can change. I am happy that I have been in Cambodia even if there were struggles sometimes. Cambodia will always have a special space in my heart and I will never forget the people I met and the things I learned.