Goodbye GRC-Generation 2015!

SCAO is a volunteer-based organisation. Every year in August 4 young adults from Germany come to Cambodia to volunteer for SCAO, sent by the German Red Cross. They stay for one year to get deeply involved into the organisational tasks of the NGO. That’s why they are very important to SCAO.
They also develop a really close relationship to the country and especially to their students. Some volunteers taught some of the children for a whole year. This album shows the activities they did to say goodbye to their SCAO family, to say goodbye to so many new friends and to say goodbye to a country which was their home for more than one year.

Enjoy all the pictures here!

Every year you can apply for the German Government’s program “weltwärts”. With this program you get huge financial support and get this chance to live and help in Cambodia, like our volunteers do. Find more information on their website!