Max, Germany

Hello everybody,
my name is Max and I have been teaching at SCAO 1 for two months in June and August.
Having only little experiences in teaching at first I was a little bit scared about the prospect to keep classes with young kids entertained for 60 minutes and at the same time teach them things that might be useful for their future and present lifes. Still it was easy to adapt and proved to be quite a lot of fun and rewarding, too. This is due to the nice staff, the happy and motivated kids and the nice location and friendly environment of the school.
I always cycled from the centre of Phnom Penh (where I stayed)  out to the school and back.
Cambodia is a country in parts beautiful and always alive, with friendly people and interesting customs but at the same time grimly poor, hit hard by environmental pollution and the fact that the terrors of the genocidal Khmer Rough history are not more discussed in public, (so as to learn a lesson from the past) all contribute to making Cambodia a place that lacks proper perspective to becoming a state that is able to provide a sustainable and healthy future for their citizens.
So all the more it seems due and necessary to put effort into educating the people and giving them the tools for shaping their own lives in a fashion of their liking.