Mitchell, Canada

After a very long time we are very happy to present you one more volunteer from SCAO. Please enjoy reading Mitchell’s experiences!
Hi my name is Mitchell Convery I’m 23 years old from Toronto Canada. This is my story of how i got involved with the SCAO and also my experience there.
So I had been traveling for over a month in southeast Asia and I had just been in Cambodia for two days. I really wanted to get involved into the community in some way, but wasn’t sure how to go about that. The next day I was sitting having lunch talking to one of the locals. I told him of my plan and he had said that he knew someone and could help. The day after he drove me out of the city and we arrived at house across from a school and i was greeted by this man with a huge smile on his face who was very welcoming (Mr Sameth). At that point I had no idea where we were or what was going on, but Mr Sameth made a phone call. Minutes later I was walking over to another house were I was introduced to the head volunteers of SCAO school one. They quickly gave me the run down of what SCAO was all about and the programs they offered to the local kids! I was very impressed and interested, so two days later I moved into the house and started volunteering! It happened so fast and was a very random series of events that brought me to the school! But I instantly fell In love with the surroundings and students in SCAO school. Unfortunately due to a time restrictions I could only stay for two weeks. So I picked up only one class wich was the intermediate English! The students were amazingly very eager to learn with big dreams and goals,wich I’m sure they will achieve with the drive they have. Even tho it was a short two weeks, I’m happy to be a part of this amazing organization. I also hope i was able to teach my students some things that they will be able to use in life or further education. I definitely recommend this organization for anyone who wants to volunteer! Lastly my advice is stay longer than two weeks, be ready to work hard and also have fun! Thank you so much staff, volunteers and students of SCAO for having me! I hope to see you again in the near future.

Mitchell Convery