Micha, Germany

Hello everyone,
My name is Micha and I am from Münster in Germany. I am 18 years old and last year I finished my Highschool. In that summer, Krystof told me about SCAO. I was really interested in living in another country, seeing a new culture and working with children
So I came to Cambodia in November and lived and worked at SCAO2 in the village. I taught different classes like Preschool, Elementery and guitar class. At first, I was nervous about teaching, but the students were really nice and motivated to learn English. So I started to enjoy my time in the village.
After more than three months, I changed to SCAO1. There I taught two Beginner classes and an ABC class. To live in the volunteers house was awesome, because the community was great.
Now, after 6 months, I am back in Germany, earning more money for my next trip to a different country.
I´m happy, that I made so many friends at SCAO and I hope to see you all again!