Our new cook Rann

Good afternoon everyone, please meet Rann, our new cook at SCAO2!

Rann is a 58 years old lady who used to live at Russey Keo, the district where SCAO was founded. There, she had a small restaurant of her own, where she sold food and had a café in front of her house. Her 5 children and the rest of her family still live there, but she moved to Som Rhoung village to work as a cook at SCAO2 around 3 years ago. After working there for 10 months, she stopped for 2 years and now she has come back to cook for us again.
Although her heart still belongs to Russey Keo, where her family is. She would never miss traveling home to join one of the many weddings that take place and get her nails painted in vibrant colours.
We are really happy that Rann is back, because she is such a funny, lovely old lady who’s a great cook aswell.
Thank you Rann, for taking care of us!!