Clothing Giveaway

We had a Clothing Giveaway at SCAO2 on the 11th May!  We always collect old clothes that we don’t need anymore and from time to time, when there are enough clothes collected, we donate them to the villagers of Som Rhoung. Our volunteer Gwen was helping, please enjoy her review!

The girls are giggling and chattering while they are digging through the clothes. Finally they are done and show their invitations in order to be able to take three pieces of clothing home with them. Now it’s the women’s turn. But they don’t act much different to the girls. Who could blame them? It might be the first time they have gotten new clothes in months and might be the last time they get new clothes for many more. A day before we walked to the poorer part of Som Rhoung and handed out invitations for the families. Many times we had to stay a little longer at people’s homes due to curious relatives and proud students. Regardless of the heat it was much fun. And the work was paid by a lot of happy faces and laughing children with their hands full of new clothes to wear. In the afternoon I saw one of my students, riding through the village on her bike. Proudly presenting my former favourite blue dress with a little red rose on top. I had to smile. This dress will now make some new memories.