Luka, Germany

My name is Luka, I’m 20 years old and I’m from a small town in the south of Germany. I finished highschool last year and decided to take a gap year. I wanted to experience new things, see different countries and find out what I want to become. As I wanted to go to Cambodia for quite some time I was really excited when I found S.C.A.O. Before coming here I worked at a climbing centre for children so I knew I wanted to do something with children while I was volunteering. It was the first time for me to leave home on my own and go to another country not knowing anybody there! But I’m really glad I did it.
After 4 months teaching at SCAO II, my time in Som Roungh has come to an end and now it’s time to say goodbye.
Coming here was definitly one of the best decisions I have ever made. At first I was nervous, didn’t know wether I would be able to teach and was scared the students wouldn’t like me. But with tipps and help from the other teachers I really got into teaching and the students are amazing! They are so motivated and excited to learn new things. I’m really going to miss all the children calling “Cher, Cher” as soon as they see me. Being able to help these children fulfill their aim to learn English was really a great experience and it’s so nice to see how much they have learned – even in the short time I have been here.
Of course it was not only the students who made my time here so wonderful but also the other volunteers, teachers and friends I was able to meet. I feel very lucky to have gotten to know them and to be able to call them my friends ❤
I can’t believe 4 months are already over but I know I won’t forget the new experiences that I made here for a long time – wether it was going for ice coffee in the local coffeeshop to cool down, playing games and laughing with the children, going to a Khmer wedding with the other teachers or just spending time with lovely people from different countries and learning new things about where they come from.
I am going to miss you all so much and hopefully I can come back soon and see you again!