Tablet Classes

Thanks to a generous donor who donated 14 tablets and the installation of Wi-Fi in both SCAO I and SCAO II we were able to set up a Tablet Class in both schools. This is a great opportunity for both teachers and students to increase their knowledge about new media devices and the internet.

tablet2There are a lot of learning applications on the tablets, especially for the younger children along with translation and research applications. Right now we are still only focusing on English education; other subjects have not yet been included. This is a new project for SCAO and is still being developed for the first time and it’s a very exciting new project. It will grow and develop over time with more and more of the functions being utilized.

For our younger students the tablets are completely new and unknown devices. It is our task to introduce the tablet and all its functions to them. They thoroughly enjoy playing with the English applications and the lessons fly by! The Tablet Class supports and extends their English education and knowledge.