Christmas at SCAO II

On Friday 25th December the teachers of SCAO2 organised a Christmas party for the students. We prepared the big classroom downstairs. The tables were outside and we had some speakers for music, balloons and decorations. A lot of children started to play in front of the school at half past one to be the first ones in the party. At three o´clock the party started with a speech from Mr Sameth on the playground.
Cambodia is a Buddhistic country so the children do not really know what these days are about and he explained it. Then the children got baguettes, water and some fruits. Fourty minutes later the party started. A lot of children sang their favorite songs on the stage and got a big applause from their friends. At five o´clock the children got some gifts like toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencils and workbooks. After this, the disco started! There were big speakers, one teacher was the DJ and we had disco lights. The dancefloor was completely full and the atmosphere was great. During the next three hours some young students went home and the old students joined the dance. At eight o´clock the Christmas party ended.

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