Reading Day at SCAO

At the 11th of March we celebrated the Reading Day at SCAO. We organised seperated events for our classes in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Main goal of the event was the preparation and the opening ceremony of our new library. It is placed in the groundfloor of our volunteerhouse, where we also have an additional classroom.
The young students coloured paper to make a library sign, and designed their own bookmarks. When everything was finished, Mr. Sameth cut the red rope, and the children could enjoy the library while eating some fruits. The older students created the library rules and sorted all our books in different genres. There are Khmer, German, French, Spanish and a lot of English books.

The result is a beautiful, organised library, wich is open two times a day for one hour and the students are able to read and borrow their favourite books.

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