Trip to Mekong Island

SCAO- all together on Sunday, March 17th made it possible: A trip to Mekong Island and Phnom Penh, with all kids, volunteers, family Sameth and long-term supporter Andre with family. We had to leave Sovanred and Chan behind, who each took care of one school but will be with us on our next trip instead.

On eight motorbikes and in two cars, we started of our journey at 10:00am to the community of Ko Dach. Neither a motorbike with some trouble nor the dusty way could tear us apart since everyone overlooked each other and went together. On Ko Dach the kids couldn’t get into the water fast enough and we had our fun teaching some of the children how to swim, playing catching in the water or trying out some flips.

Thanks to a rigorous fundraising team organised and carried out by the volunteers themselves, we had a big nutritious lunch with self-made Khmer -sandwiches and fruits providing the energy for the rest of the day. The day was hot and extremely sunny which made everyone stay in the water until almost 4:00 pm, when we had to leave the island. But S.C.A.O. left a souvenir as well: A big sandcastle of Angor Wat right on the beach.

The next stop was capital Phnom Penh where we went to a playground attached to a park, to let our younger kids to waste their remaining energy. We said goodbye to this wonderful day by watching the changing colours of a water fountain and the sun go down together. Here some volunteers and our director Mr Sameth surprised us with some very athletic moves in the rhythm to aerobic music playing a few meters away.

We would like to say thank you, to the “Pacha Youth Organization” who, through theirfinancial support, helped make this trip possible. We would also like to thank the volunteers for their exceptional organizational work and for their hard work to fundraise, by selling T-shirts on the riverside in Phnom Penh.