Interview with Leap

Hello Leap, how long have you been at SCAO and where do you originally come from?
I was born in Takeo province in the Bati district. This is south of Phnom Penh and around one and a half hour drive away from Phnom Penh. I was born there and lived with my mother. Then when I was seven years old, so 6 years ago, I started to live at SCAO. My mother, Polly, works at SCAO too. She is the caretaker and cook at the Center. I really like this, because I get to live with my mother but also at SCAO!

What memories do you have of your hometown in Bati district?
I was very little when I left, so I don’t remember so much. SCAO is my home now and I grew up here for most of the time. What I do remember, is that my school was very far away and I almost never went there, because my family was not able to pay for school most of the time. I spend a lot of time at home or on the fields. I still sometimes go there with my mother to visit the rest of my family. But I only go there on holidays.

What do you like about growing up at SCAO?
I like a lot of things about SCAO. I think the thing I like the most is to be able to speak with so many people from around the world. I learn a lot from them and I also learn a lot of English from them. Of course I also like studying English and I like it that my English has improved a lot in the last years so that I am able to talk about many different things with the volunteers. Also living together with my friends and my mother is very nice for me. And the public school here is better, because in the countryside the teachers often do not come to the lessons.

Now you are 13 years old, what are your plans for the next couple of years?
I now study in grade five at primary school. In a little bit more than one year I will go to Secondary School. In SCAO I now study in the two New Interchange classes. What I hope to improve is especially my written English, sometimes I still need help with writing. I hope to go to university when I finished school. I am also still looking for a sponsor.

Thank you very much Leap! I wish you good luck!

As we are still looking for a sponsor for Leap, we hope for your support! Please have a look at our Sponsor a Child page.