Interview with Srey Lim

Hello Srey Lim! How old are you now and which province do you come from in Cambodia?
I’m sixteen years old and I come from Takeo province. I have been staying at SCAO since 2008, so now for 5 years.

What do you like the most about the Center?
The thing I enjoy the most about living here, is learning English and the sewing project. Now I am also learning how to do make up and hairstyling in a private make up class. I really want to learn how to do this properly because I want to become a Hairdressing teacher and maybe teach how to work with make up too when I grow up.

What did you do when you where living in the countryside, how is this different than living at the Center?
Living in Phnom Penh is easier than living in the countryside. In the countryside it is hard to find a school and the teachers in the countryside don’t teach very well. Also I would not be able to learn English if I would stay in the countryside, as there are either no English schools or they are too expensive. Thats why I like to live here and I love SCAO because here I have the chance not just to study English but also to learn about things I will need for my job later. In the countryside I spend my day in the farm and taking the cows to the field so I could not study.But of course I like to visit my family in the big holidays and spend time with them in the countryside, I actually just did this about a month ago.

How are your studies going and what do you want to do after finishing your studies?
In the English SCAO class I am in the New Headway Pre-Intermediate class and in the public school I am attending grade eight; both of my studies are going very good. Sometimes I even get up early in the morning to review my lessons before I go to school. After I finish school I want to open a small shop in Phnom Penh or maybe also in the countryside to teach the people in the countryside how to do make up, how to dress, style and cut hair and also do nails. I know, that if I want this dream of mine to come true, I will need to continue my studies!

Thank you very much Srey Lim!

One more thing: I hope that the people who read this like this, Thank you for reading this, Bye Bye Yours Lim!

We are still looking for a long term sponsor for Srey Lim to help her finish her studies and continue to become an independent citizen.