SCAO Christmas Party

The last event that SCAO carried out in the past year was every year’s Christmas Party. Since it took place at the old school; all kids and volunteers from the Center put much effort into the preparations and decoration. On Monday 24th December all students at the Old School as well as current foreign and Khmer volunteers and friends of SCAO were welcomed to join the celebration. Food, drinks, fruits and Christmas candy was provided for the participants. Given the advantage of gathering so many students at one time S.C.A.O. used the occasion to spread some education out of school. A volunteer from India who joined our organization over Christmas hold a 15 minute presentation about general Hygiene. In addition a toothbrush and toothpaste was handed out to every child, as a gift for the students. All leftover tools were given to the students of our other school in Som Roung village on Christmas day.

With two big speakers set up and a DJ performed by one of the students the party was a joy to all attendees. With the help of gentle donators we are hoping to continue this nice tradition in the upcoming years as well.