Interview with Natasha

the Education Officer

Natasha joined S.C.A.O. on May 15th and was sent over by SCOOP, our partner organization in Ireland. She will take up the position as the Education Officer in S.C.A.O., a position that has newly been created and will stay for at least 8 months.

Hello Natasha, good to have you here. Why did you decide to volunteer abroad?
I worked as a teacher for 5 years before I did my master in development in Ireland. The volunteering here brings experience on development with education together which is ideal for me.

Why did you choose S.C.A.O.?
I chose The SCOOP Foundation who offered me to work in S.C.A.O. as an education officer. This position offer suited my expertise, so I took it.

What was your first impression of S.C.A.O.?
S.C.A.O. is doing important work in Boeng Chhuck village where the Centre and Old School are located just as much as in Som Roung, the village of the New School. Both schools reach 250 students each which is a remarkable number for a small NGO. They cover a variety of services such as education, community development and individual child care.

What was your biggest item or bonding that you had to leave behind in order to come here?
My family. I also gave up my job and my apartment. There will be no sense of security when I return, which made the decision to come here very hard.

What makes S.C.A.O. stand out to you?
It is the only NGO in Som Roung village that delivers English, computer and hairdressing classes. S.C.A.O. is not only interested in education but also in development of the local communities.

Would you like to leave a message for our readers?
Everybody should volunteer at S.C.A.O. if they are in the position to do so. It can be tiring but very rewarding and there is a huge sense of satisfaction in the end.

Thank you very much, we hope you enjoy your stay in S.C.A.O.!