New Solar Panels

for the Centre and Old School

The purpose of this project, the stakeholders, and the intended benefits to the beneficiaries:

It is common in Cambodia and especially in the sub-urban regions of Phnom Penh to experience prolonged time periods of no electricity. This can cause major disruption to the four computer classes that take place in the SCAO Centre and the English classes in the Old School on a daily basis. It is common that the computer classes would be cancelled for several days in a row due to power cuts, the students losing the work that they had being doing, and the damage of the laptops due to the computers suddenly being powered off. We have seen an increase in the amount of laptops that have to be sent to be repaired since the power cuts have become more recent. This has put an additional financial strain on SCAO to get these laptops fixed regularly.

In addition to this the Old School also experiences the same power cuts. This is extremely disruptive to the evening English classes because of the absence of light. Whenever there is a power cut these classes have to be cancelled because they simply cannot take place in the dark

We have tried to combat this issue by installing solar panels in the roof of the Centre and the Old School. This has worked very well in the past and both computer and English classes have been able to run off the power that the solar panels have stored in the battery, thus facilitating the computer and English classes, as well as the other important office work, such as answering e-mails from volunteers, donors and other organisations.

However, as a result in the rise in the enrolment of students in computer class, there has been an increase in the amount of power needed to run the classes, as well as other daily activities. SCAO wishes to install more solar panels on the roof of the SCAO Centre in order to combat this electricity demand. There is a need for more solar panels in on the roof of the Old School to ensure that evening classes can take place even if there is a power cut.

New solar panels installed in the Centre and Old School would make a tremendous difference to the running of the computer classes, English classes, office work and printing of worksheets by teachers. Through the installation of the solar panels on the roof of the SCAO Centre and Old School we can make SCAO more environmentally friendly and cut the costs of our electricity bills. This development would be a huge progression forward for SCAO and its students.

Everyone at SCAO would like to thank you for reading this proposal and if you have other questions about our clean hands project or would like to donate towards this worthy programme please e-mail Additionally please visit our website to find out more information on SCAO, you can find it at

Cost in US$: Solar panels and installation- $3,500

We look forward to hearing from you.