Free Glasses at SCAO

On the 29th and 31st of May the company “Lach Bunn Ann Optics” came out to SCAO I in Boeng Chhouk to offer free eye checks to all of SCAO’s students and the older people from the community. Over two days they checked the eyes of nearly all 250 SCAO students and also the eyesight of about 50 people from the community.

glasses-2 Lach Bunn Ann Optics brought all their equipment to the SCAO Center and set up two stations. At one the children got their eyesight checked with a machine and at the other one, they had to read off different letters on boards.  All the children were really happy and grateful to get their eyes checked for free and everyone was excited for their own result and if they had to get glasses or not. After that every child got a receipt and if they had to get glasses, they put their name and their prescription down.


glasses-3Two weeks later, 205 glasses were delivered to SCAO I and the community of Boeng Chhouk. Thanks to Lach Bunn Ann Optics and their donor, Trammell, from the US, these people are now able to see without any problems.