Conversation Class


Three weeks ago we have added a conversation class, which has shown to be a great success at the New School, to the schedule of the Old School/ Center.

Due to the busy schedule of most of our students and our volunteers it wasn’t easy to find a time that suits everyone, however we’ve now started to teach conversation class every Friday in the Pre-Intermediate Classes from 5.30-6.30.

The idea behind conversation class is to encourage the students to speak English more freely and to express their own opinions. Since we luckily have a lot of volunteers staying with us at the moment we teach Conversation class all together and each volunteer can concentrate on group of about 4 to 5 students. Having conversations within smaller groups ensures that every student gets enough attention and has the chance to voice their opinion and improve their speaking skills.

So far we have mainly talked about families, different religions and traditions, and careers. However we are currently working on a curriculum for the conversation classes at the Old and New School.