New Computer Class Curriculum

The computer class was initiated at SCAO I School in August 2012 and has since then respectively grown in demand. The modern world has an increasing necessity for the general knowledge of using a computer and having these skills will increase the job/education opportunities of our students. With this fact in mind it was a unanimous decision to develop the computer curriculum further to improve the education our students receive.

An entirely new and improved curriculum is now being utilised to continue with more in depth training of Microsoft Word and also includes Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. The students now use a more advanced and complete curriculum but an easier to understand way of learning. There is also a certificate of achievement for their CV’s and personal satisfaction once they have successfully finished the curriculum.

At the moment the computer classes of the SCAO I School educate an average of 16 students daily, however, with the new curriculum being launched and the hunt for more laptops -within donations- this number will inevitably increase in the short future. With the fast developing technology of our modernised world it is imperative the students receive quality training in the use of computers and the relative programs to help their own lives, their society and the world around them. The computer class is one of the fastest developing classes in the SCAO I School and is doing an excellent job to provide students with opportunities they wouldn’t have had anywhere else.