Srey Lat’s wedding

After having planned it for several months, Srey Lat who has been living and working at SCAO since 2008 now and Rithy, her betrothed, married in a 2-day celebration on February 14, and the following day. The first day, on Valentine’s Day, when they for instance went to Pagoda to offer rice to the monks the wedding was more Khmer tradition-based. But at Sunday’s party in Phnom Penh it also contained Chinese and Western elements, among other things the simulated walk down the aisle, as her husband’s family partially is Chinese and many Western friends were invited to join the sumptuous festivity at a restaurant where food and drink made up of eleven courses for about 500 guests on 47 tables was served.

When entering the party, people were greeted by members of Srey Lat’s family from Takeo province as well as Rithy’s party. Besides the bridal pair and the gigantic selection of food and drink a music band entertained the guests and everybody was laughing and dancing. One of the highlights certainly was cutting the fruit cake which means good luck for the husband and his wife.

The bride whose one-week preparation for the celebration was unusually short herself said that she had really enjoyed the weekend even though she had to change eleven times assisted by six chamber maids and that whatever happened you would have to finish the program.
The wedding was attended by volunteers of SCAO and all the Khmer staff and friends.
From all at SCAO, we wish Srey Lat and Rithy the best of luck and a very happy future together.