Inka, RCV 2015

My name is Inka. I turned 19 years old in November and I was born in Bremen, Germany. I finished my highschool in May and came to Cambodia in August 2015. At SCAO1 all the volunteers live together in the new volunteerhouse, which is directly next to the school and the “Center”, where Sameth and the family live. As headvolunteers, teaching is not the only task for the Red-Cross-Volunteers. There are a lot of things to organise and also a big part at SCAO1 is the household, because we have to take care of our house by ourself. This leads to a strong community. SCAO is one big family.

I love the job with the children, the life with the volunteers, and I love the cambodian people. And the food. And I dont miss home at all. When my neighbour asked me why, I didn’t know what to say. I just love my life here.