Francisco, Chile

Dear everyone,

We hope that all of you had a very happy night and we wish you a wonderful new year!
Todays volunteer post is about Francisco, who volunteered with us for three weeks at SCAO I. We are very thankful for his huge support (especially concerning the Christmas decoration :PPP) Thank you so much, Francisco, for everything!

„Hello everyone!

My name is Francisco, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Chile! I’ve been travelling for almost 5 months and I wanted to spend some time in something that I really like: teaching. I studied Business in Chile and during my free time I like to do private classes of math, history and english to children between 12-18 years old. Now I was looking for something different. I heard about SCAO and I thought this was the place to do it.

The children in SCAO are just amazing, they arrive to their classes with a big smile just waiting to have a good time and learn a little bit more English everyday. I taught an ABC-Beginner-Class, a Pre-Intermediate-Class and one Computer-Class, and each one challenged me. With the ABC-Beginner-Kids we started to practise the letter’s pronunciation, the colours and emotions (like happy, sad, angry, etc) and in the Pre-intermediate-Class we started to practise more the pronunciation of some words, because even when they have a good English level, sometimes they don’t feel confident enough to speak it. I supported the Christmas Party too, and we tried to make for them a different celebration.

When I arrived here, I had no expectations because I just wanted to be impressed of everything, and now I’m leaving this place after 3 weeks, and I don’t really want to go. For sure, this was one of the best experiences in my life, and I will never forget each kid of my classes who made my days different during this trip. I hope the kids really learnt while I taught them, and I learnt from them to smile just because of nothing. The Khmer-people are always so polite and nice and it really affects you. It feels like they increase the best of you while you are here.

I really recommend to live here, to experience what a job is, where a retribution is more important than money, to see how the kids and their families value this opportunity, and to exchange experiences and knowledge with the people from Cambodia.

This was, for sure, a different but a very happy Christmas. Now, I’m really looking forward to come back and share more time with the kids again!
Thank you Inka, Jako and Mr Sameth for this amazing opportunity, you are a great team and I really hope to see you again!

Francisco Acuña”