Far Far Away Project

Lions, aliens, a spider-man chicken and a dinosaur are only some of the characters who our students from S.C.A.O. II made up during the Far Far Away Project workshops setted up in Som Roung village from the 6th to the 10th of October. The project is run by Abhi and Justyina, a couple who is travelling around South East Asia bringing the project around in several schools and NGOs. The Far Far Away project was a unique experience for children to step away from their school routine and experiment with the power of their imagination.

The aim of the Project is to empower children to let their imagination run through combining the art of story telling, art and crafts and media. As a result of this approach children are free to create their own stories, starting with defining the characters traits, the location and plot of the story through a set of different workshops, such as art and craft, face painting, meditation and story telling.

The workshops involved roughly 20 students aged 11-14. Although the first day of the workshops the children were a little puzzled, they actively participated to these and in the last part of the workshops children finally started to let themselves go. It is not an exaggeration to say that children had a great time and it was amazing seeing how powerful and intense could be their imagination. The stories they made along with the characters they invented are an extraordinary example of how children can create amazing worlds if they are allowed to freely express themselves.

The Far Far Away project brought some extra colours into children’s life. S.C.A.O. is proud to have hosted such a fun and artistic project. Children loved being someone different for one day and thanks to this project they had the chance to explore their creativity and improve their artistic skills.

The final day of the workshop children themselves acted in the story they made up. A video was shot during the last day of the workshops. It will be available soon on the Far Far Away project and S.C.A.O’s websites.