Oral hygiene project

On the 29th of July the volunteers at S.C.A.O. II presented during lessons hours the “Oral Hygiene Project”, which also included teeth cleaning workshops. The Oral Hygiene Project was presented in each class at S.C.A.O. II. During the day we had the presentation “how to brush our teeth” and discussed why do we need teeth, what should we do in order to protect our teeth and how often we have to clean it.

Three volunteers from Spain – Eugenia, Car and Carmen were leading the project together with Khmer teachers and Singapore volunteers’ assistance. Using playful technology, they helped children to understand the importance of oral hygiene.

At the end of each class, volunteers distributed and donated toothbrushes and toothpastes to students. A number of children have showed during the presentation an high level of Oral hygiene knowledge, and it’s not surprising because of previous S.C.A.O. workshops. But it’s always important to remind children about taking care of their own health, especially if they don’t get this kind of health attention in public schools.