Ouk Thol’s family toilet

IMG_1568_smallOuk Thol, his wife and their 3 children were provided a toilet thanks to Hands on Journeys visit to SCAO II
The poverty of the family is such that the oldest daughter had to drop out of school. With the father unemployed, their only steady income comes from the snacks and fruits the mother sells.

In the past, the family always struggled for a toilet and a shower. They had to use an old toilet with no walls or roof and, together with the neighbours, had to cope with the bad smell and unsanitary conditions. Digestive disorders such as diarrhoea were extremely difficult for them to bear.
The new toilet brought not just comfort, but health and safety. Also, the improvement of the hygiene indirectly helped them save money on medical expenses.
The family is really grateful towards SCAO and Hands on Journeys for a toilet they could never even dream to afford.