Spelling Bee Competition

A pre-intermediate English class took part in a spelling bee competition last week. Twelve students participated in the competition. There were 3 rounds, the first round was 6 groups of two picked at random. The winner from each group progressed to round two, which was then three groups of two and the final round where three students competed for the Spelling Bee title. There were six topics used for the spelling bee:

1. Holidays
2. Food
3. Countries and their capital cities
4. Shopping
5. Body Parts
6. House / Kitchen

There was also a “Sudden Death” list of words that the students only had one day to look over the topic, which was: Adjectives that describe people.

The three finalists were Srey Pov, Lyda and Phanith. Srey Pov coming 1st place, Lyda in 2nd place and Phanith in 3rd.

All students learnt a series of new words for their vocabulary that they can now start to use to talk about their everyday lives and events.