Teacher training with Kathy

In the end of June SCAO II hosted an Irish volunteer Kathy, a teacher with 9 years experience, who was very kind to provide two teacher’s training in both schools. As for new volunteers, as for Khmer assistants, fresh breath of new and slightly different vision of education was very productive and useful.

At the training Kathy and teachers were speaking about classroom management and classroom control, teacher and student position and lesson planning. Kathy was sharing her experience in Secondary school in Ireland, and how she sometimes manages trouble behavior and issues in the classroom. Although, she admitted that because of cultural difference and not similar background of the students, she wouldn’t use the same approach in Cambodia what she’d use in Ireland. She gave some good examples of type of situation where she would act very different with Irish and Cambodian student.

Kathy also pointed at importance of lesson planning, what was introduced in schools by previous Education Officer Natasha. Kathy highlighted that each lesson should have different type of activities so student’s won’t lose their attention, what especially important with the youngest ones.

In very informal and relaxed way Kathy and teachers were sharing their classroom stories and finish very satisfied about the meeting. Kathy also left her email address so anyone who faces not easy solving situation can write her and ask for advice. After visiting SCAO Kathy went for her vacation around Cambodia.