Interview with Vibol

What do you see as the biggest benefit of attending classes here for yourself and others?
The first thing that by teaching here I get more experience at teaching English and with speaking English with all the volunteers that come through. It improves my heart and English to work with so many people. Sometimes in Cambodia if you don’t do that then you feel afraid to do it. From gaining experience here it makes other jobs more accessible. Gaining experience from the beginning of this school and education is important to the development of the country. Not only being a teacher here but learning as I teach so that I can use some of it later in life.

vibol2Can you give me one memory of being here at the school that sticks out for you?
One of my favourite things about working here is being able to talk with all the different volunteers from all over the world. It is nice to talk with them when we have a little free time. It’s good to do interviews for the Khmer people and Cambodia because it shows our emotions. How we are feeling and I want to help by showing my feelings. Also talking with my students is very good to improve their English.

How beneficial do you see the new water filters being to some of the poorest families in the village?
The water filters are so good for the people of the community because it reduces the time and resources it takes to boil the water. It also improves people’s health because of regular access to clean water and it reduces the time people are sick. Being sick impacts the whole house because of health care costs. If the money earner gets sick it is even worse. It’s not important how much the filter costs but how it’s going to help you and your health.

What kind of music do you like listening to?
I like romantic music because if you have a broken heart it can help you heal your heart. Making you feel much better. Rock and roll music is another style that I like and I play the drums in a band. We have not played together in a while because of university assignments but soon we will play again.