VoicesOfCambodia: Bormey

Hi, everyone!
Today’s post is about Bormey Yin. She is a student at SCAO 1. Enjoy!

Bormey is an 18- year- old student in her first year at University. She studies Management at the NUM. Besides studying she attends the two Pre- Intermediate classes every day since three and a half years now. Bormey lives with her mother and her brother in Phnom Penh. Her mother owns a shop where she is also helping out in her free time.

Bormey is a very curious and talkative student. She doesn’t hesitate to ask, on the contrary, she always wants to know everything. There’s rarely a day where she is not asking questions, either about grammar or just about people and the world. In addition to the two English classes that she daily attends, she is also doing the computer classes even though she already finished the exams. Therefore she gets extra exercises from our computer teacher Reinhold. In her opinion, IT skills are very important to get a job later. We definitely agree!
Her kindness and her will to communicate are reasons why we enjoy teaching her.

Her biggest dream is to become an ambassador. That is one more reason why she wants to learn English. However, she wants to travel around the world with her mother and send her brother to a good university.

Keep it up Bormey! We are happy to have you at SCAO and we hope your dreams will come true.

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