Dental care with CWF

The NGO “Cambodia World Family” (CWF) is based in Phnom Penh and offers free dental care to children in need. The dentists working at CWF are volunteers from all over the world and Cambodians.

SCAO has teamed up with them and now gives students the chance to visit the dentist for free. Once every week SCAO takes up to twelve students of SCAO I and at least one volunteer with the Tuk Tuk to the Cambodia World Family Dental clinic.

There the students get a free check up and if it is necessary also further treatment like pulling teeth or filling cavities. The volunteers at SCAO check which students have gone to the dentist, if they need to go again, note down the condition of their teeth and take care of the students while being at the clinic. This way we can assure that students don’t just go once and then forget about it, but actually continue their treatment and get better dental care.

So far a lot of students have joined us and there are always more and more students wanting to go.