S.C.A.O. II football team

Kids all over the world love football. But especially here in Cambodia, a country where people still live in extremely poor conditions and which is still feeling the effects of years of repression and civil war, practicing a sport might be more than a simple hobby or break from the daily routine.

Som Roung is a poor rural village located 20 km north of Phnom Penh. The village is mainly composed by children and young adults aged 0-25. Since S.C.A.O. school has been builded in 2011 the vast majority of children in the village found a safe a place where receive not only education and vocational trainings but where have fun, making new friends or watch a movie together.

In this context the idea of creating an official football team of the school has been enthusiastically embraced by our team and particularly by the kids of the village. Thanks to teacher Daro’s support a team made of 15 kids aged 11-14 has been shortly put together and with permission of the local school an open space of 50 square meters is currently used for training and matches.

Started over a month ago, S.C.A.O. football team is regularly training 2 days a week. The kids are improving day by day and they are reaching an outstanding level of synergy and team spirit. They really love playing football and being part of a team means a lot to the kids in terms of personal development and relationships.

Soon a friendly game with the local school team will take place. On this occasion the kids will have a chance to play in a real competition, testing their preparation and physical form. One of our future goal is to take part as a team to the Human Rights Football Tournament organised by “CIA FIRST International school” an international school based in Phnom Penh which every year host the tournament.

Now the biggest challenge faced by the team is finding a sponsor and get some football equipment. T-shirts, shorts, socks, balls, and shoes are the main items needed, although playing without shoes and equipments has not stopped the kids playing football so far!

If you would like to sponsor or donate equipments to S.C.A.O. football team please do not hesitate to contact us through email: info@savechildreninasia.org