German class at S.C.A.O. II

Two weeks ago, we arrived at SCAO. Lennart and Antonia asked us to reactivate the German class. We thought we had to start teaching German with the very basics. First we wanted to teach them how to introduce themselves, but to our amazement they were already skilled to do so. Thus, we had to improvise in order to adapt to their level. Instead of beginning with the real basics we teach the students how to build sentences using new vocabulary. At the moment you see all students dancing and singing the German songs we taught them. Every time we see it we can’t stop smiling and we are proud of them and us because we can make a change and bring joy to the children’s lives. By playing games and singing songs we always try to create diversity in our lessons. Every day it is a joy to see how motivated the pupils are. One boy even waits for an hour in order to be able to join the German lessons. We hope that this class can exist permanently.