Case Study – Srey Chan

Srey Chan is 15 years old. She has been attending SCAO I for the past seven years. She originally started out just learning English but as the school grew it gave her the opportunity to complete computer classes and she also joined in, in Japanese classes when a volunteer who was visiting from Japan decided to teach several classes. Although English is the only class Srey Chan continues to take she feels that she has learnt many valuable skills from all her classes and all of her teachers. Her favourite part about SCAO is learning English. She also said that she loves the fact that it gives her a chance to meet new volunteers from all around the world and she can make new friends every day. Srey Chan also enjoys “Conversation Class” which is held three times a week where students get to discussed different topics about everyday life and get to learn about the different countries that volunteers come from. Srey Chan wishes to someday travel to Germany, because she has heard so much from the German Red Cross volunteers, Korea as she has met teachers at her church that have told her about Korea and England mostly as a holiday but also to have the chance to use her English.

At home Srey Chan likes to help her mother with housework. She has two sisters and one brother. One of her sisters used to go to school at SCAO but didn’t continue to study there, she hopes that her sister will go back to study at SCAO soon because she feels English is an important language and it has helped Srey Chan to improve her English. In the future Srey Chan would like to become a Khmer teacher because she would like to pass on her knowledge to new people. At the moment Srey Chan gets up at 4:30am every morning to go to her church and worship, she also reads chapters from the bible every day and on Sundays she teaches at the church where she can have between 10-15 students. For the Khmer New Year, Srey Chan will go to Takeo Province to spend the holidays with all her family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There they will celebrate with cake, biscuits, fruit and drinks.