VoicesOfCambodia: Lily

Happy Sunday to everyone! Today you can read one more VoiceOfCambodia! This one is about Lily. Enjoy!

Lily is 16 years old and studies in grade 11 at the Russey Keo High school. She has two sisters, one older and one younger.
Lily lives in the Boeng Chhuk village, together with her older sister and her mum.
Her mum is a housewife and stays at home, she’s glad that her daughter studies English.
Since 2008 Lily studies at SCAO, right now she is in the Pre-Intermediate class. She wants to learn English, because she really likes the sound of the language and says it is the most important language in the world. And if you are able to speak English you can go to another country.
Lily is not sure about her future, but if she has the opportunity she wants to work in another country.
Her biggest dream is to live and work in England, and to take her family with her. Because her family is very important to her. But also are her friends.
In the past Lily also joined the computer classes, because she wants to know how to work with a computer when she studies at university.
She likes to go to SCAO because of the volunteers from different countries, she always has interesting conversations. And she made a lot of friends there, too.

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