VoicesOfCambodia: Panith

This is Panith. He is 16 years old and has two brothers. Now he is in grade 11 at the Russey Keo High School. As many other students in Phnom Penh, his family doesn’t live with him in the city but far away in a village. The village is called Chrang Chamras II. His mother works as a clothes seller and his father works at the ministry of education. Besides the public school he attends the Pre- Intermediate and German classes at SCAO since 2012. His reason for learning English is because it is an important language to have when looking for jobs. In his future he wants to become an engineer to improve the infrastructure of Cambodia. His aim is to create a more modern country and better conditions for everyone. His parents are really happy that he is studying English. So is he, as he said the volunteers are really nice and he also appreciates the access to free knowledge.