Community Clothes

Clothes Initiative at the Centre –
Volunteers come – volunteers go. Many times they leave clothes behind them at the Centre. Sometimes the kids from the Centre can use them, but often the adult clothes don’t fit or the kids are not necessarily in need of them. From time to time also the kids have clothes left. Now we want to start giving clothes from everybody who don’t have any need for them any longer. Volunteers and kids to people living in most economically depressed areas, around the Centre. The clothes are collected and cleaned at the SCAO Center. The idea for the future is to contribute a small sack of rice as well, whenever we give out the clothes.

SCAO School II –
Some weeks ago, the SCAO School II received a large suitcase with clothes and stationary donations from Germany. A volunteer started a collecting project for SCAO some months ago in her hometown, where her family, friends, neighbours and her former school collected and bought things to help the poorest children of Som Roung. Last week, Vibol and Rebekka went to some of the more disadvantaged families living near to a small lake in our village.

Asking their children what kind of clothes they needed most, after that wrote down their age and sex. The volunteers spent that evening organizing the clothes in packages and providing them with the right name of the respective child. Two days later, nearly 45 children between 0-16 years of Som Roung got new t-shirts, shorts, dresses and underware, and the most important: a big smile and shine in their faces :). This was the first donation of clothes we had have here in the village but we hope that in future this kind of project will continue and other will be able to carry on this idea.