Shell-Painting with the kids

The last Creative Friday (24th June) the ABC classes at SCAO 2 painted shells that a volunteer brought from Vietnam and Bali. It was a lot of fun but afterwards it was hard to tell which one was more covered in paint, the shells, the tables or the floor. However after cleaning up the result was definitely worth it. Within a short time every student had his own collection of shells painted in vivid colours. While everyone was busy painting, the whole classroom was quiet with the students trying their best to design as many beautiful shells as possible.

Fortunately we had a huge bag filled with shells, because from the very beginning to the very end the attention was on the teacher with the bag as every student was eager to design as many shells as they could. Every student went home with both hands full of shells in rainbow colours and patterns. The result of two hours of passionate painting in our school.

Here are some pictures of some of the numerous shells that were designed for creative Friday.