ABC Beginners Restructuring

Recently, the New School made the decision to carry out assessments in the ABC Beginners Classes to maximise the students learning experience. Through a combination of the volunteers’ efforts, we managed to assess 4 classes totaling approximately 140 students.

The Education Officer from SCOOP, Natasha, worked alongside each of the teachers to compile an assessment for each class that was appropriate to the work that had taught to the students. The assessments took us just over a week to complete. Each student was assessed on the sounds of the alphabet along with some simple vocabulary and pictures. As this was the first time that the students underwent an assessment, we wanted to make the students feel as comfortable as possible. A volunteer orally assessed students in a one-to-one capacity, giving them plenty of time to give their answers.

It proved extremely useful for us to see the results of the assessments as it demonstrated where we needed to revise and reteach some of the concepts. It also pinpointed how much the students are learning in the short time that the new Jolly Phonics curriculum has been implemented. The assessments also aided us to restructure some of the classes in order to teach the student to the best of their ability. We now have four well-structured classes, which will prove the best environment for the students to learn. Understandably it will take some time for the students to adjust to the changes but so far they have taken everything in their stride.