Start of Hairdressing and Beautician Program

On the 20th of December 2012 the much anticipated Hairdressing and Beautician Program has started. It enables a group of 20 students to get a 3 months training in this subject. A local teacher of Sam Roung village is holding the classes and teaches the students essential hairdressing and beauty skills such as Nail design and coloring, Hairstyling, Face make-up and decorating.

Being able to learn these skills is a great privilege to the students as such training is only rarely provided in the rural areas and too expensive for the students to take part in. As well this training will offer great job opportunities other than the common farming and factory work that most of the citizens are bonded to. As the physical appearance is very important to Cambodians and celebrations such as weddings come frequently the skills that are being taught are big advantages in rural Cambodia.

At the moment there are 7 students attending to the morning class from 8-10am. and 10 students to the afternoon class from 1-3pm. The classes are held three times a week, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. After 3 months there will be a test about the knowledge and ability of the learned skills. If there is any deficiency certain topics and skills will be revised to be sure of a good standard of their work. After this the class will move on to curly hairstyles, straight hairstyles and the cutting of hair.

Once the training program for the two classes is finished they will receive a certificate of completion. After that the training will start again for a group of 20 new students.

We would like to thank the Pacha youth organization and IBM for the generous donations towards this project. The Hairdressing and Beautician Program is a great success and is much enjoyed by the students. However the current donations will only keep the program running for the next 4 months. More financial support would be needed in order to offer this training to as many students as possible and to cover material costs and also the payment for the local teacher.