André Struve

Motivation Statement

Since my childhood I have seen broadcast pictures of the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge, of armed conflicts until the end of the 90s, of starving people and mutilated children. Cambodia has sunk in my consciousness as a suffering and distressed country. During my travels throughout Southeast Asia in the Spring of 2008, I realized only after a few days that effective help for Cambodia has to be based mainly on the support for the children. More than one-third of the entire population is under 15 years of age! The children of Cambodia follow an uprooted, war-torn, disoriented and lost generation still heavily marked by HIV, tuberculosis, child labor, child trafficking and child abuse. The children are the only hope for Cambodia to have a chance to develop toward a more peaceful and brighter future.

Courageous families, such as the Sameth family, deserve all respect and support. I have decided to support S.C.A.O. long-term in-situ. But support coming from any other part of the world is not less effective. Through “Save Poor Children in Asia Organization” we all share, educate and work together to build that better future.


André Struve, a German national, is currently the Director of CIA FIRST International School, one of the few truly international comprehensive schools in Cambodia with international education standards, and a visiting lecturer for Business Law, Business Management and Human Resource Management at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He has a Law Degree with a focus on International Law and two Postgraduates in International Human Potential Management related fields. In addition to his work at the school and the university, he is co-founder and vice-president of the German charity association “Kinderhilfe in Kambodscha, e.V.. In 2008 he came as an English volunteer teacher to S.C.A.O. and up to date enjoys his volunteering activities as the German Red Cross volunteer mentor and international coordinator for S.C.A.O.