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  • Visit from Singapore

    On the 23rd and 24th a big group from Singapore and the Charming Tour group came to the 3rd school to help prettifying the front of the school. They grew some plants, painted the walls and of course put the scao logo on the entrance. Besides helping out with that, they organised such a great […]

  • Creating a Personal Profile

    Getting creative with the Pre-Intermediates at SCAO1 The task: Express yourself by creating your own profile. When the students heard about that task they were all super excited. They were bubbling over with ideas. What photo should I use? What colour? What design? It was great to see how much fun they had and how […]

  • Traffic Day

    More than 80% of all the vehicles are motorcycles in Cambodia. Most of the students have their own moto or are at least regularly driving but statistics say that less than 1/4 are wearing a helmet. That this is a big issue here is beyond question. But what else has to be considered when having […]

  • Happy Khmer New Year!

    Happy Khmer New Year from SCAO! The students had a New Year’s Party at all three schools. The days were well spent with some games, fruits and music. We hope you all had a great Khmer New Year with your beloved ones and we would like to thank you all for your support! Click here to visit our fb page to be always up […]

  • 17021734_1383489835005114_2337547846712723571_n

    Creative project referring to children rights

    What rights do I have? Do I even have special rights? YES, you have! Todays Creative Friday was all about children rights. The Pre- Intermediates at scao1 were all very interested and had much fun designing their own cotton bags inspired by the theme children. We are excited for the upcoming results! Click here to visit […]

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    Saint Nicolas

    Yesterday was the 6th of december, Saint Nicholas. That’s why we planned to do secret santa with the Pre-Intermediates. That means every student got a name and had to create a selfmade present for the picked one, of course secretly! When the day arrived the students had to guess who the secret santa was. It […]

  • scao3

    SCAO3 is opened!!

    The big day finally arrived and SCAO 3 has offically been opened. (Pictures) It was two years in the making, but through the hard work, of Mr Sameth, Andre Struve, Peter Downey, Krystof Chair and all the volunteers the school has now been opened. Fundraising took place all over the world to build this school. We […]

  • 14915089_1151037014977208_1132721368_n

    Halloween Time

    On the 31st October SCAO1 celebrated a Halloween Party with the students. We started in the morning and did face painting and made paper ghosts with the young ones. After that we had a lot of fun playing different games together. In the afternoon we continued with our Abc Advanced and Beginners. They were all […]

  • kinderschminken (1)

    Facepainting at SCAO2

    This Creative Friday the kids got transformed into animals. The volunteers at SCAO2 used colours to paint animals on the kid’s faces. The results look awesome! More creative projects you can find here~

  • sila training 13 (2)

    Soccer Training and 2nd Tournament

    On the 13th October the SCAO1 Soccer Team had their first training. At the moment they pay the pitch on their own. Trainer is Sila, a former student from SCAO, who doesn’t attend class regularly anymore, because he got a job in a hotel in the city. He trains them voluntarily as well. Soon we […]